13 November 2013

Last (blog) Post

I published my first blog post on RandM Thoughts on 18 February 2006. This is my last post. Henceforth, I will concentrate my various blogging activities in a single blog, Transformative Explications. All of the posts from RandM Thoughts have now migrated and merged with those from an earlier incarnation of Transformative Explications and will continue to be made available at the new location.

If you have been following this blog via an RSS feed, or if you’ve just found one of my posts through a search engine, or if you are specifically trying to track down Randy Metcalfe in order to find out what he is up to these days, I invite you to join me at Transformative Explications.

There you will continue to find my infrequent musings on technology, open source software and more. Plus you’ll find posts about literature and creative writing, which, after all, is really what I’m most interested in.

My thanks to everyone who visited this blog over the years and to those who contributed to it through their comments.

Randy Metcalfe