13 February 2012

What would you do?

The Internet is vast and contains multitudes. It may not need any more content. And yet…

I have been doing a bit of online consolidating. I’d call it Spring cleaning if the temperature hadn’t dipped to -11c yesterday. I now have one fewer web-hosting accounts. Already I feel a bit lighter. But I’ve still got this blog, on which I infrequently consider matters technological and (perhaps) ontological (as when I start ruminating on my personal identity online). I’ve got another blog, Transformative Explications, which has settled into my place for writing about what I’m reading and, sometimes, what I’m writing, again infrequently. I’ve got a domain and some web space for a static frontispiece website for my consultancy. And this year, as a bit of an experiment, I have been active over on LibraryThing posting reviews of each book I read. I draw a feed of those reviews into my Transformative Explications blog.

My Twitter account remains empty. Am I unable to render my thoughts into 140 characters? Or do I not have thoughts worth even those few characters? The truth is that I have not yet thought of a sensible use for the stream of characters that might ensue if I began “tweeting” frequently, or infrequently. One person I follow on Twitter is forever witty and wise. I would (and do) follow her blog and Facebook status updates as well. Another person I follow is just a touch self-important (yes, even in less than 140 characters!). I’m fascinated, even though it feels rather like watching a train wreck. Somehow I don’t see this as the right forum for me.

Yes, of course, I have a Facebook account. I also have a Google+ account. I contribute to them each about the same, i.e. not at all. The Facebook account, however, does keep me in touch (in that tangential way) with a number of relatives and more distant friends with whom I otherwise would have no contact at all.

And that brings us to the unused domain name I have on my hands, along with sufficient web space to do pretty much whatever I would like with it. But what does the Internet need? (Or what do I need?)

I put that question to a few of my friends. Being my friends, a number of them suggested that I use that location on the Internet to post some of my fiction. Well, really, what did you expect them to say? That’s why I call them my friends :-)  There were also a few other excellent ideas, at least one of which I’m actively thinking about, though to be honest it would be better if I simply offered to set up that site for the person who suggested it.

Now I’m prepared to open up the question to a wider audience (or smaller, depending on the actual reach of this blog). Suppose, you have an unused domain name, and the wherewithal to set up a blog, or CMS, or what have you. What would you do with that space? What content would you set about creating? And how would you go about thinking about this question?

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